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Sajid Amit has dedicated his career to providing research and advisory services to a wide range of reputable clients. Through his website, www.sajidamit.com, he offers a comprehensive overview of his work, achievements, and areas of expertise. As you browse the site, you will gain valuable insights into his unique skillset and the dynamic services he provides.

sajid amit

Currently, Sajid serves as the Director at the Center for Enterprise and Society. In this role, he plays a pivotal part in shaping the center’s strategic direction and ensuring its continued success in delivering impactful research and actionable insights. His passion for driving positive change has led to numerous collaborative projects that address pressing social and economic issues.

In addition to his work at the Center for Enterprise and Society, Sajid holds the esteemed position of Director of the EMBA program at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB). His commitment to education and academic excellence is evident in his dedication to cultivating a stimulating learning environment for his students. Under his guidance, the EMBA program at ULAB has continued to thrive, producing successful graduates who are well-equipped to navigate the complex world of business.

Sajid also works as a Senior Advisor at Bangladesh Tala.co, where he plays an instrumental role in the company’s growth and expansion. His expertise in strategy and finance has helped to drive Tala’s mission to promote financial inclusion and provide affordable credit options to millions of underserved individuals across Bangladesh.

Sajid’s multifaceted background enables him to offer an unparalleled breadth of knowledge and experience. This unique advantage allows him to provide his clients with tailored solutions that address their specific needs and challenges. With a keen understanding of the complexities of today’s global economy, he is well-positioned to guide businesses and organizations towards a successful future.

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He has overseen research operations of KPMG’s global offices in the US, UK, and EU. He has also won back-to-back research awards from BlackRock (UK) Advisory Ltd. Research Award and Morgan Stanley Investment Management (2012-2013). Furthermore, he is a recipient of KPMG India’s Outstanding Performer of the Year Award (2009), Columbia University’s prestigious Richard Hofstadter Faculty Fellowship (2007), Columbia University’s South Asia Institute Research Award (2006), and Dartmouth College’s Vivian B. Allen Foundation Scholarship (2000-2004). Last but not least, he was one of the twenty-five Global Leaders under twenty-one selected by Credit Suisse in New York.

He is a key stakeholder in fintech and financial inclusion in Bangladesh having worked as Country Leader for Tala.co, a global fintech company and been a founder and board member of the Digital Finance Forum Bangladesh (DFFB), which played a leading role in enabling favorable policies for fintech in Bangladesh.

Sajid Amit has implemented several large projects for the British High Commission in Dhaka, Canadian High Commission, USAID and the US State Department.

He has appeared on BBC and several other leading international and domestic media outlets.

Sajid Amit is also an ardent audiophile and audio reviewer.


Financial services: Capital Markets, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Fintech, Digital Financial Services and Financial inclusion
Entrepreneurship: Startups, Digital transformation, and Leadership in high-growth organizations
Social Research and Programming: Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (P/CVE) with a view towards promotion of tolerance, diversity and pluralism


Director, Center for Enterprise and Society (CES), ULAB
Director, Executive MBA Program, ULAB
Associate Professor, ULAB School of Business
National Advisor, Bangladesh, Tala.co
Country Ambassador, World Innovation Forum, a concern of World Economic Forum (WEF)
Research Consultant, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, UK
Research Consultant, Management Systems International, on USAID-funded “Obirodh”: Road to Tolerance
Director Enrolment Director, South Asia, Dartmouth College
Richard Hofstadter Faculty Fellow, Columbia University, 2005-2007
Vivian B. Allen Foundation Scholar, Dartmouth College, 2000-20004