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Upskill Lecture: Valuation is an Art

The world is moving forward rapidly and to be recognized here one must upgrade themselves everyday basically. The process of acquiring new skills or honing current ones in order to improve one’s work performance, career prospects, and general professional development is referred to as “upskilling.” In today’s quickly developing and competitive job market, where new

Lecture on Upskill by Sajid Amit- Cost Management for Startups

Planning, regulating, and reducing costs in order to optimize earnings and meet financial goals is the process of cost management. To guarantee profitability and sustainability, companies, particularly startups, must effectively manage expenses. A business can cut costs by finding and getting rid of wasteful spending. For instance, a company may lower office costs by downsizing

Networking for Corporates With Sajid Amit

Communication and information exchange are two aspects of networking. It is an excellent method for establishing social and business ties, discovering chances, and promoting your identity. It has always been beneficial to network with the individuals who are the faces of the companies because you can learn about their histories, goals, and other driving forces.